Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Silly Serious the Philosopoems 2.0

I am working on some new material and getting ready to put out a more amped up version of Silly Serious the Philosopoems. Sort of a Director's Cut in the Fall and then I will get ready to put out some new material probably in the 2nd Quarter of 2007. Here is a small sample of what to look for in the new edition of Silly Serious the Philosopoems:


Did you say that correctly?
I’m having trouble reading lips
at the moment
Let me turn up the volume on
my earpiece
Satellite dishes distort translations
You said it in French but
I’m hearing it in Latin while reading Spanish
have to be careful
If it’s not tuned right I can
hear the moon snore
O.K. got it! Repeat that
Everything is in place
Mmm …………..No!!!
I’m surprised but not surprised
You said that
Let me readjust the volume in this earpiece
I like you better when I don’t
understand what you are saying
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